Frizzy hair… the number one enemy of a lot of girls. The easiest solution for this is to wear a hat, let it be or just stay at home but not us! Forget those lame solutions, we’re going to teach you how to look fab even with frizz! Here are 5 quick and easy hairstyles for frizzy hair!

5 Easy Hair Styles for Frizzy Hair


This easy hairstyle is perfect for frizzy hair which will add volume to each braid or twist.


  1. Part your hair in the middle (it doesn’t have to be perfect)
  2. Take small to medium sized sections of hair near your temples
  3. Twist or braid the sections
  4. Pull the sections to the back of your head and secure with pins
  5. Add volume by lightly pulling on the hair on the top of your head.


The side bun is an easy five-minute hairstyle that will successfully minimize frizzy hair.


  1. Take all of your hair to one side
  2. Braid your hair and secure with a hair tie
  3. Twist the braid until it forms a bun and secure with pins
  4. Lightly pull on the bun and hair around your face


This faux undercut hairstyle is the perfect mix of edgy and sleek that with keep your frizzy hair under control.


  1. Make a deep side part
  2. Take a section (about 1 inch) near your hairline
  3. Divide section into three
  4. Twist back and secure with pins


Milkmaid Braids are an extremely easy hairstyle that looks like you worked on your hair for hours.  It will reduce frizzy hair and create a sophisticated look, perfect for any outfit.


  1. Part your hair in the middle
  2. Separate your hair equally into two
  3. Braid sections and secure with an elastic
  4. Lightly pull on the braids to add volume
  5. Fold the braids over your scalp and pin them in place


Messy buns are the perfect solution for frizzy hair! A messy bun works with every type of hair, and with every outfit, and will take only a matter of minutes!


  1. Create a little bump near your hairline.
  2. Gather all the remaining hair on top of your head
  3. Make a loop and tie it with an elastic
  4. Secure pun and loose hair with pins
  5. Pull out short layers and frame them around your face


So there you have it, five fuss-free and non-basic hairstyles for frizzy hair! Do you have more easy hairstyles that you swear by? Share them with your fellow baes by telling us in the comments section below.


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