Having sleek hair is both stylish and sexy but we have to make sure that we know the difference between fab and flat. And even for those with textured hair, limp and lifeless hair can still be a problem for them. Raise your hand if you have ever been victimized by flat hair and listen up! Here are five flat hair fixes and tips to remember to get big and voluminous hair!

5 Flat Hair Fixes and Tips


You read that right; you can instantly fix your flat hair and add volume to your hair by just switching your hair part! Changing your part can give your hair a lift because the different positions of your hair allow your hair to stay upright. According to Annie Rush, the longer we wear the same part, the more we wear the hair down in that area and cause breakage. For those with stubborn hair, celebrity stylist Marcus Francis recommends using a styling cream to keep the new part in place while adding shine and smoothness at the same time.


If you have major commitment and change issues, this flat hair fix is definitely not for you! Long hair does not necessarily mean big hair, hair stylist Orlando Pita told Glamour that overtime, your locks tend to get heavy and flat on top regardless of your hair type and texture. Try cutting off a few inches the give your hair more volume, dimension and look! Before making the big chop, you have to consider your style, hair texture and type. According to Faith Xue from Byrdie, the number one enemy of those with thin hair is blunt, one length haircut. You can start off with long light layers that won’t weigh your hair down.


Topknots aren’t just for loose beachy waves! According to Maria Cassano of Bustle, sleeping with damp hair in a bun is a flat hair fix by lifting the roots off your scalp, making your hair appear more voluminous. Before you do this, make sure that your hair is soaking wet and that you don’t tie your hair too tight because wet hair is very fragile and prone to damage and shedding. Padmapreetham Mahalingam said that rigorously brushing and tying your hair weakens and breaks the hair strands and can cause other problems like hair loss, itchy scalp, thinning, baldness and even dandruff.


Ladies, whip out your Madonna records and leg warmers… we’re gonna crimp our hair! Relax; this flat hair fix is only applied to the roots of our hair. If you hate the feeling of back combing your hair, Lindsey Metrus of Byrdie said that you could use a small hair crimper to “tease” your hair at the roots. Just get small sections that are NOT visible when you do your usual style and part and crimp the base of tour hair. You can maximize the volume by gently separating the crimped hair, just make sure that you don’t fuss with it too much because it can create big clumps of frizz on top of your head. If you don’t have a crimper, you can use a flat iron too! According to Michael Dueñas of Refinery29, you can take thin sections of your hair and place your flat iron as close to your scalp as possible, once you’re at the root, rotate the iron at 180°. Slide the iron approximately one and a half inches from your scalp before letting go of your hair. Just make sure that you do this fast to avoid unwanted creases. You can also get voluminous hair with this straightening brush! The same with the flat iron method hold the brush as close to your roots as possible but this time brush from under the section to give the base of your hair a lift. Make sure that your hair is touching the base of the bristles, hold on to the ends of the locks to get consistent contact with the heat and slowly pull the brush down till you reach the end of the section. Watch this before and after video to learn more!


There are a lot of products that help with flat hair fixes and can give your hair body and volume, but using too much of it can do the exact opposite. If possible, only use a dime or pea-sized AT MOST when your applying product to your hair. You should also avoid focusing oil and cream based hair products on your roots causing your hair get greasy and flat faster. According to Miki Hayes from Bustle, if a product is meant to clean or volumize, apply it to the roots or ends and if it’s mean to add moisture, protection and shine, focus it on the ends of your hair. Utilizing various products throughout your hair can make it look dirty and limp. If you’re looking for appropriate products to use, opt for multi-function product like hair mousse, dry shampoo and hair serums.

So, there you have it, flat hair fixes and tips that can help you combat flat and boring hair! Which flat hair fix was your favorite? Do you have your own hack that you swear by? Let us know by sharing them in the comments below!

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