Play dirty!

Showers? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Don’t wash your hair on the day of your Halloween party because second (or third) day hair is usually easier to control. If you need more volume, use dry shampoo, it will refresh your hair while also giving your locks some va-va-BOO!

Flaunt it!

If you’re busy, tired or just plain lazy, choose looks that won’t require you to change your look dramatically. Got dark hair? Dress up as Cleopatra. Full bangs? Be Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction! Blonde? Sandy from Grease. If it’s still too much work you, just put on a cute rat ears headband and be a mouse… DUH!


If your costume calls for a wild and different hairstyle that’s completely different from your real hair, opt for products and accessories that can give you instant results without having to change your hair permanently. Need more hair? Try extensions! Going for a bolder look? Wigs, hair chalks, and washable hair dyes are the major keys!


Even though the hair products mentioned before give your hair temporary looks, they can cause long-term damage to your locks, so make sure to wash and deep condition your hair A.S.A.P. to get rid of hash chemicals and product buildup that can cause problems like scalp issues and split ends.


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