Bad Habit #1: Washing your hair everyday

Though shampoos are meant from cleansing and other cosmetic benefits, washing your hair everyday is not advisable because most shampoos will strip your scalp and hair of its natural oils. Your hair and scalp will also try to compromise with the dryness and produce more oil than necessary! Another reason why shampooing your hair everyday is a no-no is that the  majority of shampoos prematurely removes hair colors. You sat in a salon chair for HOURS! Don’t waste all your handwork! Plus, who has time to wash their hair everyday? We all know that “dirty” hair looks better!

DO: Use conditioners and moisturizing hair treatments

As we mentioned earlier, the main function of shampoos is to clean your hair and scalp from all the bacteria and product buildups that occur between washes, but it’s always important to bring the moisture back to your hair by using conditioners and other moisturizing hair treatments. Not only will it lessen the dryness, but it will also add shine and bounce to your hair! Just make sure that you use products that are suitable for your hair type.

Bad Habit #2: Brushing your hair while it’s still wet

If you’re guilty of doing this, STOP IT! Your hair is in its weakest state when its soaking wet, brushing it can cause breakage. Aggressively rubbing your hair with a towel can also damage your hair, just gently squeeze or press the water out!

DO: Use wide toothed combs

Use a less dense tool to detangle your hair when it’s wet, use a wide tooth comb starting from the ends working it up to the roots.

Bad Habit #3: Ditching heat protectants

Heat protectants? Aaint nobody got time for that! —WRONG! Like our skin, our hair needs to be protected from the heat. Crunchy hair is NOT sexy!

DO: Apply thermal protector before heat styling

Give yourself an extra time to apply products that can lessen the negative effects of hot tools. Spray your hair with your product of choice and brush through your tresses to evenly spread out the product. Trust us, a couple of seconds can save your hair for years!

Bad Habit #4: Wearing  tight ponytails daily

This hairstyle causes consistent pressure on the same parts of your hair shaft which tends to be extremely damaging to your hair. this ‘do also creates a permanent dent on your hair which is NEVER cute!

DO: Switch it up

Give your hair a break and take this opportunity to try out other hairstyles. not only would it be good for your hair, but it will also spice up your looks! If you really need to have your hair up daily, try to wear it looser than usual or opt for more gentle hair accessories like bobby pins  and cloth scrunchies instead of rubber bands.

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