Hey Baes! Having short hair is not always easy, especially when you want to rock different hairstyles. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people are scared to change up their look and rock a shorter ‘do! Well, if you have short hair or contemplating if you want to chop your hair off, today’s your lucky day. We’re giving you five easy and stunning hairstyles that you can do to your lob or bob!

This Spring, we’ve seen a ton of celebrities chop their hair and start rocking a bob. Their effortless looks have inspired us to share similar easy and beautiful hairstyles.

Here are five simple ways to style a bob (or a lob):


SOURCE: Shawna Truong

This style is seriously easy.. and seriously pretty! Inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s beautiful bronde bob, this look is sleek and classy, and is done in a matter of minutes!

  1. Create a deep side part
  2. Divide the thinner section into three
  3. Twist each section away from your hairline
  4. Secure with hair ties and bobby pins


SOURCE: Jordan Lipscombe

This popular hairstyle has been seen on many celebrities, and works with every length of hair. It’s perfect for a bob, and gives you a playful vibe!

  1. (Optional) Curl your hair to create loose waves to add texture
  2. Gather a section from your hair starting from your temples working your way towards the back of your head
  3. Secure ponytail with a hair tie
  4. Add volume and dimension by lightly tugging the hair on top of your head
  5. Tease the end of your ponytail to add texture and volume


SOURCE: Amanda Steele

Commonly worn by Victoria Beckham, this low bun adds elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Not to mention it’s incredibly easy, and is perfect for those lazy mornings! To get the same straight look as above, we recommend using a hair straightening brush to add sleekness and shine!

  1. Create a deep side part
  2. Gather your hair on the nape of your neck
  3. Loosely braid your hair
  4. Twist the braid until you create a small bun
  5. Secure with a hair tie


SOURCE: doddleoddle

This look has been seen on Kendall Jenner, and is the perfect Coachella look! This is a simple way to style a bob and add some flare to your look!

  1. Create a middle or side part
  2. Leave pieces of hair to frame your face
  3. Take medium sized sections from both sides of your head
  4. Twist sections into small buns and secure with hair ties or bobby pins


SOURCE: xandervintage

This knotted faux hawk was seen on Kiernan Shipka, and were obsessed with it. This is a unique way to style a bob and it definitely adds flare!

  1. Gather and tease hair on top of your head
  2. Create a small bump and secure with bobby pins
  3. Make a messy bun with the ends of your hair and secure with hair ties
  4. Gather another sections below the first section, create a small bun and secure with hair ties
  5. Repeat step 4 until you’ve tied up all of your hair

So, there you have it! Five cute hairstyles that you can try out to style a bob! Did we forget to mention other cute hairdo’s for short hair? Let us know in the comments!

Since not everyone has short hair, here are other ways to style your hair:




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