Hey Baes! Mornings are hard, especially if you’ve been binge watching your favorite chick flick the night before and hit the snooze button too much. Lucky for you gals, we’re here to tell you a few tips to make mornings suck less, and to help you look put together and cute in minutes!


Wash & dry your hair

If regularly washing your hair is a must for you, shampoo, condition and dry your hair the night before. Doing this can give you more time to sleep, choose an amazing outfit and put on a little makeup! Plus, according to hairstylist Dani Faraj, it’s actually better to wash your hair the night before.

 Use dry shampoo before you sleep

To avoid white dry shampoo patches on your hair, use dry shampoo before you go to bed. The friction between the pillowcase and your hair will disperse product and give it more time to absorb the oil on your scalp. Using dry shampoo at night also gives your hair extra volume the next day!

Rock a bun or braids

Instantly get glamorous loose waves by wearing your locks up into buns or braids overnight. Make sure that your hair is a little damp before you style it to make the waves more defined and long lasting. This trick gives you beautiful, natural waves that make the next morning so much easier. You look put together and polished, without doing any work!


Tame your bedhead

You can quickly run your favorite hair tool through your tresses to reduce unwanted texture and creases from your hair. We recommend a straightening brush because it leaves your hair frizz-free, sleek, shiny and bouncy.

Add shine and texture to your hair

Your hair care routine doesn’t stop in the shower. Apply leave in conditioners or oils to the ends of your hair. This tames and hides split, frizzy or dry ends. You can also use texturizing products such as sea salt spray to add texture and volume to your locks if you’re suffering from limp and flat hair.

Wear a dash of makeup

You don’t have to wear four layers of makeup to look good, just stick to the basics. Focus on your eyes, lips and cheeks and your good to go! Adding color to your face can instantly make you look well rested. Just remember to stick with natural and neutral hues to achieve a more relaxed and fresh look. For inspiration, check out Makeup by Lilit, who manages to nail the natural look without using 100 products!

So, there you have it! A few tips and tricks to make you look put together without losing sleep and sanity! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

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