Celebrities are notorious for constant changes when it comes to their vibe, style, look or even career. Most of the time, these changes are subtle but once in a while, celebs go all out and transform their looks dramatically and us beauty and fashion fanatics are always excited to see them.



Ashley Benson Pink Hair

If you’ve been following this edgy chick for a while, you’ll know that she’s been rocking her signature blonde tresses for awhile now. From when she’s playing a peppy cheerleader up to a pretty little liar, she always showed off her beautiful blonde locks. Now that she’s officially done with shooting her popular show, she went for a bold change. Literally! She said goodbye to her golden locks and is now sporting vibrant pink hair and we’re totes obsessed with it!


Katy Perry Short Haircut

Earlier this year, we posted about Katy’s new blonde ‘do, and said that we weren’t sure how we feel about it. But now, we can confidently say that we looove her light hair! It must be true that blondes have more fun because she didn’t just color her hair; she chopped it off! Katy has always been one for experimenting with her hair, and this before and after hair transformation is definitely showing that! Who else thinks that she kinda looks like Miley Cyrus?!


Fashion icon and supermodel Kendall Jenner has been rocking her staple long dark locks for years now but this year, she spiced up her look and went for a shorter hairstyle. We’re totally digging this look because it’s the perfect balance between young, chic and edgy!


Oh Ashley, a lot of us grew up watching her shows and movies. Whether she’s playing a smart hotel staff or a sassy heiress, her blonde hair is always a must. This year, she went for a more mature and sophisticated look by going dramatically darker. To be honest, we’re gonna miss blonde Ashley but she’s definitely owning this new ‘do!


Scream Queen Emma left us speechless when she ditched blonde and is now a redhead! This is a huge leap from her signature blonde tresses but we’re definitely into it! This is one of our favorite before and after hair changes because it was such a drastic change, but she is most definitely owning it!


Well, there you have it, our top 5 celebrity hair transformations. Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments below! We might feature them in another post!


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