If you’re broke, uninspired or just plain lazy, we have the perfect quick Halloween costume ideas for you!

7 Quick Halloween Costume Ideas

Wingdarium Levi-AWESOME!

Looking for a chic and magical costume? Why not dress up as your fave gals from Hogwarts!

Prim and proper? Hermione Granger is your girl! Whip out your trusty sweater, pleated skirt and comfy loafers and you’re good to go!

If you’re edgy, dress up as Bella Lestrange! You just need an all black outfit, crazy hair and a kickass pair of chunky boots!

Of course we can’t forget about Luna Lovegood. She’s all about prints and textures so don’t even worry about matching everything!


Everyone loves a good throwback! Since the 90’s style is back, now’s your chance to bust out the plaids and high socks. These Clueless- inspired costumes will definitely make rollin’ with the homies more fun!

We’re all familiar with Cher’s iconic outfit but not everyone can pull of yellow. You can go for her more tame and girly looks! Ditch the pumpkin basket and use shopping bags to perfectly finish off the look!

Been wanting to wear that outfit that you’re too afraid to wear? Channel your inner Dionne and be bold and bright! You get plus points if you wear a funky hat!

So Fetch!

Regina George was wrong when she said that “Fetch” was never going to happen!

It’s doesn’t have to be Wednesday for you to wear pink, just make sure to hide the Burn Book! For you to pull off the perfect Mean Girl look, you just need a pink outfit, sass and a big hair full of secrets!

If all else fails, just be a mouse, DUH!

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